I am a mother, potter, gardener, painter, knitter, cook, lover of design and pattern and a year-round resident on Little Cranberry Island, ME.

I think of my work as a celebration of the beauty and abundance of life. I make functional, everyday pottery so the joy of that celebration can be more tangible in our daily routines. A mug in the hand provides a moment of silent reflection and a glimpse of deep peace and beauty. A colorful plate reminds the user of gratitude and appreciation for all the hands that helped to bring the meal to the table. In these small ways, each piece is a bridge to our inner mainland, a place of connection, potential and possibility.

Beginning with red earthenware clay, I hand-build or throw my work on the wheel. I hand paint my designs with stains directly onto the surface of my pots overtop a majolica glaze. Often I will scratch through the glaze with a sharp tool (sgraffito) to reveal the white glaze underneath, adding fine detail to the decoration. I fire all my pieces to cone 04 in an electric kiln.

My work is sold at Islesford Pottery on Little Cranberry Island, ME, at Archipelago in Rockland, ME, at the Center for Maine Craft in Gardiner, ME and through my Etsy shop: www.kaitlynmillerstudio.etsy.com.